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Neuwirth Slaughter & Associates, LLP is authorized to prepare and electronically transmit your individual or business tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service and state departments of revenue.


What is an "Authorized IRS e-file Provider"?
Tax professionals who are accepted into the electronic filing program are called "Authorized IRS e-file Providers." They are the Electronic Return Originator (ERO) who transmits tax return information to the IRS.

How does IRS e-file work?
Once the return is prepared, reviewed and signed, we will submit your return to the Internal Revenue Service.

You sign your electronic tax return by either using a Self-Select PIN for e-file for a completely paperless return, or by signing Form 8453. After you sign the return using a Self-Select PIN or Form 8453, we transmit the return to the IRS or to a third-party transmitter who then forwards the entire electronic record to the IRS for processing. Once received at the IRS, the return is automatically checked by computers for errors and missing information. If it cannot be processed, it is sent back to the originating transmitter (our firm) to clarify any necessary information. After correction, the transmitter retransmits the return to the IRS. Within 48 hours of electronically sending your return to IRS, the IRS sends an acknowledgment to the transmitter stating the return is accepted for processing. This is your proof of filing and assurance that the IRS has your return information. The Authorized IRSe-file Provider then sends Form 8453 to the IRS.

If due a refund, you can expect to receive it in approximately three weeks from the acknowledgment date - even faster with Direct Deposit (half the time as when filed on paper). If you owe tax, see "What if I owe Money?" for payment options available this year.


How will I know that the IRS really has my return?

The IRS lets your tax professional know that it has received your return information within 48 hours after electronically sending your return to IRS. If the IRS detects any errors, it sends an error message to the transmitter to correct and retransmit the return to the IRS. Only IRS e-file options offer this advantage.


If the return is electronic, how do I sign it?
The most convenient way for you to sign your electronic return is to use an electronic signature Personal Identification Number (PIN) -- and it's completely paperless! We can answer any questions you have about electronic signatures.


How accurate is IRS e-file?
IRS e-file returns are virtually error-proof with an error rate of less than one percent. IRS e-file greatly reduces the chance that you will get an error letter from the IRS.


What if I owe money?
We can file your return electronically any time during the filing season; however, sending the payment for a balance due by April 15 is still your responsibility. You may file electronically as soon as you are ready and will receive a confirmation from the IRS within 48 hours of receipt of your return.

You can choose to pay by check or money order with a voucher we will provide you. Or you may have the IRS electronically withdraw the amount due directly from your account. 


Can I e-file my state return with my Federal return at the same time?

Yes. Federal/State e-file, is offered in 37 states and the District of Columbia.